Priscilia Panti Meyrina


Children’s magazine, “Bobo”, has been active in Indonesia for more than 40 years. During that time, this magazine interacts with the reader by its content and visual, which is suitable with them. The interaction is that its mascot, named “Bobo”, always attends in the magazine to greet and communicate with readers.  Each mascot certainly has a meaning that is capable of delivering brand’s vision and mission. In these forty years, “Bobo” magazine already made six changes in its mascot. From that six mascots, chose three mascots, considered to represent the change in the society.

Analysis with semiotic theory did to reveal the mascot’s meaning. The changes are due to the changes of target audiences’ taste. The taste changes happened because of some external factors experienced by children, as "Bobo" magazine’s readers. The change of trend in the way of dressing, the presence of young artists who sing children's songs, also the appearance of their idol who became a role model to the reader, can be a clue to see "Bobo" magazine readers’ taste. Mascot’s appearance changes in order to adapt with changes of readers’ taste.

This study concludes that the mascot’s changes in order to adapt with readers’ taste. Meaning contained in the mascot also represents readers’ condition in certain years. Children's magazine "Bobo" is a clever magazine for using a mascot that has high flexibility, so the mascot can adjust readers’ and also the readers can be loyal to "Bobo".


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