Perancangan Komunikasi Visual Nopia sebagai Kuliner Khas Kabupaten Banyumas

Elfa Swaratama


Nopia is a cake from Banyumas that is round with smooth texture, crisp outside, but soft in the middle section. Based on a survey, 54% doesn’t respondents don’t know it’s name, 45% doesn’t know it’s origin, and 86% doesn’t know that this cake is cooked with barrel. This design will make a visual communication that will broaden the target audience about nopia.

Data collection methods used in this design are participatory observation, interviews, documentation, and library, as well as this design through the four stages, namely the manufacture of the design concept, creative concept, the concept of media, and visualization.

Based on data collected, be concluded that the target audience has a solid rushing. They spent more time in digital media which a lot of communications made through applications on their smartphone and did not like being outside the home with a long period of time. They just travel outside if they want to buy daily necessities only and often shopping in modern supermarkets. Therefore, the design will use 3 medias which are packaging, floor display, and social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.



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