MENCARI TELUR GARUDA Video Fitur Multi Kanal

Nanang R. Hidayat


Looking for the Egg of Garuda: Multi Channel Video Feature. Republic
of Indonesia proclaimed its independence on 17th August 1945. As an inde-
pendent nation, the people of Indonesia considered the “Garuda Pancasila” – a
symbolic eagle like bird standing for the state ideology named Pancasila - as the
offi cial symbol of  the country.
Ironically the history of that country symbol has never been noticed in the
state history. This is the question: why has such an important history never been
documented by Indonesian historians? Whereas, the greatness of nations could
be measured by how they could appreciate their history. Whilst, now more and
more, the meaning of Pancasila as the state principle is fading away, or many
people begin forgetting its signifi cance.
‘Looking for the egg of Garuda’ is an expression to metaphorise an effort
to fi nd out where did our country symbol come from. Who were the people involved
in the designing process of Garuda as the state symbol.
This video being displayed in a documentary feature format,  tries to relive
that very moment  in shape of “Wayang Suluk”, showed in multi-canal way as
a new alternative to learn the history, in hope that this presentation can increase
the pride of , as well as affection to our motherland.
Keywords: Garuda Pancasila, Important Historical, and Wayang Suluk



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