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In the era of a fast technological and communication’s advancement, people feels that the world
increasingly narrowed, as if there is no limit of space and time. The awareness squeezed by everything is
getting closer, and led to act promptly, quickly, and instant. The world seems like a folded or compressed.
Man forcing himself to do something with the minimizing quality. What it does have a profound loss of
meaning. Man is losing his roles as personal (self-reflection) and social (social reflection).
The creation of the dance is set from fashion’s manner of self reflection in a front of mirror.In the steps
of process creation of this workbased on Creativity and Choreography. Creativity approach is used in the
creation of art can not be separated from the process of thinking and working creatively, through this way of
thinking and approach a creative work will be built.The second approach is the choreography, which is used
as the foundation in aspects of behavior and other visuals.
Artworks " Refleksi Rupa Jiwa /The Reflection Face of Soul" is an exploration of the human psyche
needs to fullfil its personal and social aspects. Its actualization is the result of self-reflection upon the
personal need as well as social, ie as a dialectic results on both. Corresponding with Sigmund Freud which
is differentiate the human psyche in the id, ego, and super ego, then by self-reflection human will discover
his/her true identity in fullfil the basic needs of self-satisfaction and lust. In a reflection of social life, people
are faced with the reality of such as: social relations, ethics, norms, and religion, which sometimes felt as an
impediment to fullfil a personal satisfaction and lust. Balance between a self-fulfillment to a fulfilling of
public needs on social scope will produce a moral value, in concept of super ego so-called conscience.
Key words: self-reflection, social reflection, moral value.


tari, joged, seni


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