Relaxation Water Video Ekspresi Seni Videografi dengan Objek Air

Deddy Setyawan


Videography is a new form in audio visual technology. Previously, the
audience could only able to watch film at cinema or television's
presentation, but nowadays of course it’s very different from
videography’s presentation. Videography, initially functioned as a
means of documentation according to visual's audio. But in today
videography blooms such fast in line with technology's progress and
Human's creative power, and also modern human life's need as well.
“Relaxation Water Video” is an art's expression with water as a
videography object as an expression in water's existence to relax the
audience. Through a creative process, idea's livelihood's process and
brainchild then developed to be videography is a long process, whether
is in idea's livelihood into visualisation process and the presentation.
Water is chosen to be an object in videography caused by it has
characters such as cools, refresh and tranquilize. But it might be a
disaster as well. So, it could be friend or human enemy.


videography; water; relax; expression;audience


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