CITRA DIRI KARTUN INDONESIA Kajian Ilustrasi Grafis pada Garis Wajah Kartun dengan Wayang

Asnar Zacky


It has to be admitted that there is an amazing similarity between the line o f Western Cartoon and
Wayang Purwa. It is recommended that this universality o f cartoon is used as a feedback to present and to
strengthen the self image o f the Indonesia cartoon.
It is urgent to be done immediately before the irony, when the Western people and the Japanese
explored and developed their cartoon by using inspirations that utterly rooted m Indonesian culture,
happens again.
Deep awareness o f and full attention given by Indonesian cartoonists to put the root o f Indonesian
culture forzvard when they do their creative process is absolutely needed.
Keywords: cartoon image, cartoonists’ attention, Indonesian culture root


seni rupa, desain



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