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Batik and traditional woven cloth the Indonesian cultural heritage created by skilled hands can
still compete with imported products and are considered to possess high artistic characteristics
(craftsmanship). Nowadays, they retain a strong presence throughout Indonesian society reflecting the
social changes which have occurred within society because o f technological development. The creativity and
innovation involved in producing new things represents the identity o f each region in Indonesia. The
government should put their effort into increasing the awareness o f producers to include the tag "Made in
Indonesia " on their products. By doing so, the government educates consumers to know and believe that the
items they wear arc the product o f their culture. Such an effort, instead o f being on its own, is a part o f broader
production system which forms a value-added chain. Cooperation between the upper and lower ends o f this
chain can provide positive benefits. Even though the flood o f imported products is unavoidable, there is
nothing to be concerned about since Indonesian consumers have benefited as well. However.; should we leave
it as it is? /4s children o f the nation, we are supposed to reflect, offer introspection and, eventually, do
something to do something so that the local products can be accepted more by their own people.
Keywords : national identity, import-focused, value-added chain


seni rupa, desain


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