Dendi Suwandi


Light is always present around us and lightens every aspect o f our life. Nevertheless, we sometimes
Jorgct that light is a very unique material it can be seen but not touched. Moreover, it can, actually be used as
an expressive media in creating artwork. Natural as well as artificial light such as from electricity, has been
exploited by light-artists to create their arhvorks over long periods o f time and with low intensity.
Producing light art through the vision o f the colour o f light, the variation o f shadow, the light
reflection, the construction o f lamp-light, kinetic light and hologram as what some light-artists have done is
supposed to inspire other artists in creating and developing tiezv light art.
Light art does not mean forming certain shapes, or applying certain techniques which require high
technology but, instead, applies simple techniques. It depends on our capability in treating and processing
the material as the expressive media. Yet, it cannot be denied that light art relates to an understanding about
science, art and technology which unites with thought and the process o f creation.
Keywords: light, the colour o f light, shadow, reflection, light art


seni rupa, desain


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