FOTOGRAFER DAN RISET Pcntingnya Riset dalam Fotografi

Prayanto WH.


W1ien an audience observes a picture or photograph, the resulting opinions might be varied, such
as that a picture is good or interesting; there is an emotional bond with a picture; a photograph conveys
memory, it has a story or a specific message. Basically, photography is a communicative medium since a
photo possesses a communicative value when it is used to deliver a message, or when it is an idea expressed
to an audience so that there will be a similar understanding «> /0 its meaning When the “expression
o f the photo" is not clcar, not only its meaning but also its objective as well as the message it delivers
would be unclear - which means the communicative process does not work as it is supposed to. In order
to effectively express a message through a photo, in addition to obtaining a go a l idea, an appropriate
and contextual "structure of photographic language' should be applied. This "structure o f photographic
language" includes the application o f technique, lighting and appropriate composition (aesthetics)
In addition to possessing and mastering the above skills, it is necessary for a photographer to be
aware o f undertaking research before conducting a photography session. Conducting research provides both
the photographer and also others interested in the photo with several advantages. It not only enables a
photographer to obtain good, interesting and beautiful photos, but the photo session will also be more effective
and efficient because of this research. No matter how simple is the reason for conducting a photography
session; research should be earned out. Conducting research for photography - fo r aspects o f idea, technique
as well as aesthetics - can encompass the problem o f identification, analysis, and developing a conclusion
prior to the execution o f the photography session.
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