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Instagram Selfie in ArtJog exhibition is a research conducted with purpose to identify how selfie done with artwork in an art exhibition using social media as well as to determine the effect of social media on the art exhibitions visitor. The object of this study is limited to selfies with artworkthat uses social media instagram and conducted in 2016. The exhibits were selected in this study will be limited in ArtJog exhibition. Instagram data collection is done by using meta data search categories based on hashtag.The selection of selfies at the artjog exhibition was done after seeing the rampant selfie at the exhibition also saw the number of uploads with hastag ArtJjog reaching 25,883 and dominated by selfies. Most Selfie actions with artwork and publish on public pages done without mentioning the identity of the artwork and give a new "caption" on the artwork without the permission of the artist.


selfie, ArtJog, sosial media

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