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The aim of this research is to be searched about aesthetic and historical background that
includes the shape, meaning, and function as well as the factors that underlie Pamor keris
kamardikan in Surakarta. The analysis of the Pamor keris kamardikan Surakarta is not a simple
matter. The question such as: what Pamor keris kamardikan is; why it had been created; when
it start created; whose the man behind of created; where place that Pamor keris kamardikan
has been exsist; and how about the histocal about it. Change of palace culture maybe happen
to the progresive culture with any perception. It can be indicated like social criticism movement
in postmodern age, such as: happening art, environmental art, etc.
While the factors underlie the similarities and differences are the internal and external
factors. The Internal factors are the rules and policy stated by the actor in this regions. The
external factor is the factor happens because the society social condition that is more developed
as well as the policy of the government of Republic of Indonesia in the tourism sector.
The method used in the research is qualitative research with multidicipline approach
focusing on the study of art. Aesthetic approach is used for relating the style of art. This
approach is used with other approaches and use the relevant teories such as: history,
communication, anthropology, archeology, and sociology.
This research has conelude that movemen of Pamor keris kamardikan Surakarta is in the
structure or style. Historical background of movement started on 1970 in case of many keris
artist in Surakarta created it with many purposed, basicly, Pamor keris Kamardikan Surakarta
have two poin of movement, there are an aesthetic.

Keyword: Pamor keris, kamardikan, aesthetic.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24821/corak.v5i1.2379

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