Animasi Video Eksperimental “Kertas Putih” Sebagai Gambar Imajinasi Anak Tunagrahita dari SLB Negeri 2 Sayidan Yogyakarta

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Video art-experimental is a blend of video art and experimental film. Video art which is a modern form of art will be integrated with the cinematic techniques of indefinitely experimental films. The results may not be too contrast to video art or experimental films that stands alone, but its uniqueness is that the concept of blend is performed to create a work that is capable to entertain the children with mental retardation.
Children with mental retardation is a child who frequently forgotten in the
provision of facilities by the government and also forgotten in the acceptance of family affection. Glance they look normal, and it's physically not very different to normal children, but if we talk about things that should require complicated notion such as mathematics etc., they will be distress. This is because they have the intelligence level far below normal. Children with mental retardation are many came from poor families, so they are getting forgotten. Problem of mental retardation is not only studied through only one field of science, but by many other sciences, such as medicine, psychology, science, pharmacy and so on. In this case, the art also plays a role. In addition is able to produce works which entertaining, it can also become the object of study for other disciplines that are researching this problem.
Naming the title of the work of the "the White Paper" is a symbol of a child with mental retardation. Through in-depth observation for several months along with them, then their thought were created as a symbol of the human figure who permanently innocent.
They are as innocent sheet of white paper that ready to inscribe by parents, community, teachers and the surrounding neighborhood.
Experimental video-art works for children with mental retardation under the title "the White Paper” will create a new work is devoted to people with mental retardation.
This work was a new experience in watching by using the theory of the two major theories; that are, the theory of video art and experimental films.


video art, experimental film, children with mental retardation, a symbol of the white paper


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