TINJAUAN SEMIOTIKA KOMUNIKASI VISUAL IKLAN CALEG SUPERMAN (Studi Kasus Iklan Politik Caleg Superman Pada Website Caleg Superman Tahun 2014)

Edythia Indrasswary Nabella


Politic publicity is a form of promotion of individual or party by creating politic image designed to persuasive people’s perspective (public) to choose him on election days. Egy Massadiah is one of legislative candidates that campaign through unique ways by parodying himself as a Superman in a campaign props in website www.egymassadiah.info. This observation has purpose to analyze message in visual sign politic publicity legislative candidate Superman by using semiotic theory that belongs to Roland Barthes. This qualitative observation method using semiotic analysis approach connotation signification Roland Barthes to analyze message that contain in visual sign politic publicity legislative candidates Superman.

The conclusion from the result of the observation is connotation that grow become a myth in society, that choosing a leader candidates is not enough if it only based by the appearance or by look, also for the leader candidate that always distort the reality, blowing up things itself will create identity crisis from the leader candidate. Because something that exaggerated at first, only leave disappointment at the end and what only left is fiction.


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b. Laman

http://egymassadiah.info (diunduh pada: 10/01/2015).

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http://dgi-indonesia.com (diunduh pada: 17/03/2015).

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24821/dkv.v8i1.1545


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