Naufan Noordyanto


The phenomenon of the creation of digital typeface that include the charge of cultural values and local identity in the anatomy of Latin script characters created by the designer, especially in Indonesia, is understood as a thesis-antithesis pattern emerging among the public. In some people, the trend of typeface design with cultural content has been questioned about its usefulness in preserving the culture, or is regarded as a form of preservation of cultural bias.

Even among designers, the creative work of the creation of the typeface is often considered as a pattern of cultural preservation actualization into a different medium. Therefore, this study intends to offer solutive ideas as the middle of the problem by attempting to parse the meaning of creative work around the creation of typeface with cultural content in the domain of culture. Through this study, it can be seen that the creative work produced the typeface may automatically be a medium or an instrument of cultural propaganda, as well as writing instrument /language. The typefaces with cultural content that is created have a function as a medium to promote and raise awareness or to remind the audience, or just become a visual identity adapted to the culture. This means that the typeface with cultural content created not as a medium for cultural preservation directly. So it can not be regarded as cultural preservation bias or irregularities. Precisely the culture code that creatively adapted is useful as a visual sign to lead to wide knowledge of the cultural elements promoted. In other words, it could be an index that can help people to do a search, tracks, or studies on the original culture or identity.



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Laporan TA

Laporan Tugas Akhir Perancangan, DKV ISI Yogyakarta, 2012

Laporan Tugas Akhir Perancangan, DKV ISI Yogyakarta, 2013

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