Perancangan Buku Interaktif Belajar Baca Tulis bagi Orangtua Anak Penderita Disleksia di Surabaya

Atalya Sharon Jerusha Turangan, Wibowo Wibowo, Rika Febriani


This educational media is made for helping the literacy learning process for Dyslexics in Surabaya. This undergraduate thesis needs to be done because the number of available educative media for dyslexics is very low.

Methods being used are qualitative methods. Those methods are observation, interview, and literal studies. One of the most effective methods for dyslexics to learn literacy is multisensory method. That’s why, this multisensory based undergraduate thesis is made for the parents to help their dyslexic child learn literacy.

This undergraduate thesis suggests an approach where parents acts as a teacher for their children. Besides being a teacher, parents can also act as the one who give moral support to the children.



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