Andi Haryanto


Vernacular typography or better known as manual typography, originally the only technique in producing works of outdoor media, such as banners, billboards, billboards, signage, directions and so on. Limited facilities and technology is the reason behind it all. Based on the nature rely on manual methods, of course, has some drawbacks, such as low reproductive number, lacking in terms of precision, long in the process, the results vary from one to another and so forth.

Vernacular typography that was once part of everyday life, has become something unique, classic or vintage. When it was a little number of graphic designers who want to go through the process of manual labor, some of them are still choose to work manually, and one of them is Mr. Tjipto Setiono. This documentary film aims to create historical archives of the development of graphic design in Indonesia, as well as providing information that there are times where manual processes had been a mainstay in creating works of graphic design.

Another purpose of this documentary film is to create documentation in the form of a film that reveals the uniqueness of Tjipto Setiono design process, preparations, steps, tips and tricks, as well as Tjipto Setiono philosophy, way of life and his works  for decades.



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