Contemporary Photography Works of Ruang MES 56: Idea, Interpretation of Information, and Model of Creation

Irwandi Irwandi


Ruang MES 56 is a contemporary photography-based Art Institute in Yogyakarta.
This independent art institution has been widely known through its various works
in international arts events. The resulting works are not merely personal, but
appear to be conceptually charged and based on preproduction information. This
article will discuss the discovery of ideas, excavations, and interpretations of
information made by artists of Ruang MES 56 in the creation of works. More
specifically, this research will dig deeper into what kinds of information artists
are searching for in the creation, and how they influence the appearance of the
work they produce. The research data will be obtained through interviews and
studies of documents owned by selected artists of Ruang MES 56 members. The
expected result of this research is the discovery of the created patterns of creation, and can reveal the process of transforming the information that has been collected into the form artworks.


information, artwork, ruang MES 56, contemporary photography

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Akiq AW, 41 years old, Artist, Member MES 56, lives in Yogyakarta.

Angki Purbandono, 47 years old, Artist, Founder of MES 56, lives in Yogyakarta.

Rangga Purbaya, 42 years old, Artist, Member of MES 56, lives in Yogyakarta.

Wimo Ambala Bayang, 41 years old, Artist, co-founder MES 56, lives in Yogyakarta.


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