Akhmad Nizam


Modern Art of Indonesian is rich of mozaik. The result from combination of esthetic ekspression of traditional and non traditional. Some element can be arrange in modern art is the evolution from prehistoric art that buried from the prest. The relation from traditional art and modern art become symbiosis. Exactly modern art has been appropriate with some genre in art, infact in comtamprorary art. There any attraction with Etnic art as reminder about the presistant as ancient tradition. In papper/article has been explorated about the ekspression of tradition art wich already give
a beg influence, create, and also develop any responsibility about the evolution of art in Indonesianfor many years. The traditional culture have much the glories of bronze age in southeast Asia. At the begining a sign and symbol have been stated on a cave as art, a megalith statue, and any kind of tradition motive/theme for worship of anchestral spirits. Their cultural hesitge are delicate carvings engraved on brame ritual tools, magic carvings on war shields and elaborate ceremonial symbol from
the bronze artifact.

Keyword : Last Art, Artifact.



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