Renta Vulkanita Hasan


Culture growing in Indonesia and overseas intrinsically dynamic. Nature of culture as a result of human creativity is always moving and displacement. When his journey to the vibrant place anyway, culture is likely to mix with the native culture which then grow and develop into a new culture. Culture is a strong factor that affects the mindset. Over time, society has a way of looking at the world deal, behave, and interact with each other. In other words, they have their own color and pattern of the deal while making rules in social life. Yogyakarta in Java, which is known as one of the cultural centers of Java development, especially ritual Grebeg Maulud. Ritual Grebeg Maulud over time reflecting the constantly changing movement of social change, culture, politics, economics and society in his day. Ritual is a means of connecting Grebeg Maulud transcendental between man and God (Manunggaling Kawula-Gusti) and guidance from the teachings of the holy book (Islam). But this time Grebeg Maulud also has another function, namely as a spectacle. This suggests a cultural shift from the sacred to the profane. Batik as a dress code in the Carnival celebrations Grebeg Maulud is one reflection of the existence of culture in Yogyakarta Palace. The use of batik in a ritual procession Grebeg Maulud is a tradition that continues to this day. Batik palace is considered one of the symbols of the existence of power relations by creating a specific motive for a particular class. Dynamism of culture led to the use of batik is not only a marker of power relations, but also as an exciting treat for the fashion show at the Carnival lasts Grebeg Maulud.

Keyword: Grebeg, Maulud, representations, clothing, batik, palace, Yogyakarta



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