Specta: Journal of Photography, Arts, and Media

Specta: Journal of Photography, Arts, and Media [E-ISSN 2615-0433 | P-ISSN 2614-347X] contains the results of research and art creation of academics and practitioners who are increasingly increasing in number and variety. The art and techniques of photography that are increasingly developed and developing give rise to ideas, ideas, discourse, and criticism that are academic in nature and must obtain an appropriate place to contain all of these scientific articles. Photography is closely related to the art world in general and also closely to the media sphere. This journal will be an appropriate and appropriate accommodation facility in the study and creation of photographic art, reading of art studies and media.  Specta: Journal of Photography, Arts, and Media published twice a year, namely May and November, and is managed by the Fakultas Seni Media Rekam, ISI Yogyakarta collaboration with Asosiasi Program Studi Fotografi Indonesia (SOFIA).


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Vol 7, No 1 (2023): Specta: Journal of Photography, Arts, and Media

Table of Contents

Fotografi dan Media

Renate Pinasthika Handono, Taufan Wijaya
Bonifacia Bulan Aruming Tyas, Steven Gunawan
Sigit Surahman, Aldi Aulya Rachman
Eva Anggar Sari, Pamungkas Wahyu Setiyanto, Pitri Ermawati
Firoos Agung Winahyu Wibowo, Oscar Samaratungga, Syaifudin Syaifudin
Rahmat Mukhlasin, Kusrini Kusrini, Arti Wulandari
Yulius Widi Nugroho